Wooden Rotating Hanger

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Transform your space into a harmonized haven of fashion and organization.

Features :

  • 1- Large Capacity
    With a whopping 24 slots, our hanger provides ample space to efficiently organize your tank tops, scarves, or other accessories.
  • 2- 360° Rotation
    Enjoy the convenience of a full 360-degree rotation feature, granting you swift and easy access to your entire collection without the need to shuffle through adjacent items.
  • 3- Foldable & Space-Saving
    Designed with your closet space in mind, our hanger is foldable, optimizing storage and ensuring your wardrobe stays organized and visually appealing.
  • 4- Anti-Slip Metal Hook
    The robust metal hook is not only durable but also boasts an anti-slip design, securely holding your tank tops in place.
  • Specifications :
    Material : Crafted from a blend of wood and alloy for durability and a touch of sophistication.
    Size : 40*12*1.8cm/15.75*4.72*0.7inche



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