360° Gyro Bowl

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Color: rose

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 the innovative solution to mealtime messes! Say goodbye to spills and frustration with this specially crafted bowl, thoughtfully designed with both parents and children in mind.

Our Gyro Bowl features an advanced anti-spill design, incorporating gyroscopic motion within the inner bowl. This unique feature allows the bowl to rotate a full 360 degrees, ensuring that dry foods remain securely inside and preventing any unwanted spills. Gone are the days of wasted snacks and messy cleanup!

But we didn't stop there – we've added three convenient handles for easy carrying, making it simple for both parents and children to transport their favorite snacks wherever they go. For added convenience and hygiene, a fitted lid is included to keep food fresh and protected when not in use.

With the Universal Gyro Bowl, mealtime becomes a breeze for busy parents, while also providing an engaging and interactive experience for children. Say hello to stress-free feeding and enjoy mess-free meals with our innovative Gyro Bowl.



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